Who’s Taking Care of Your Rental Property?

We offer rental property management services in Woodstock, Fredericton, and All of Western New Brunswick

You're busy with the family, work and probably your primary residence. You can add more to your plate by doing your own rental advertising, scheduling your own appointments for showings, collecting rent, and handling complaints from your renters. Or, you could call G. Gill Property Management. We are a property management company based in Woodstock, NB but serve Fredericton and the greater New Brunswick area. We'll act as the homeowner for you while you take care of the rest of your busy life! For a flat monthly fee, you can trust G. Gill Property Management to keep things running smoothly with your rental property. We are based in Woodstock, but we are happy to manage properties within a 100-mile radius of our location. Call right now to speak to a property manager.

Easy, simple and stress-free assistance

We charge a flat $50 per month fee and a small finder’s fee for property maintenance. G. Gill Property Management will:

  • Advertise and fill property to obtain occupancy
  • Collect and transfer rent
  • Handle complaints and requests from tenants
  • Maintain property if vacant

Your tenants will expect immediate service if something goes wrong on the property. G. Gill Property Management will make sure their needs are met. Please call us today for house, condo and apartment management in Woodstock, Fredericton, and All of Western New Brunswick.